Topcon QS Series

Superior Technology, Design, Performance and Value

The QS Series Quick Station

Jobsite demands are constantly changing. Adopting and utilizing the very best technology innovations for your business enables you to increase your productivity and profitability like never before.

Robotic instrument technology and the significant performance advantages it can offer have changed the way topography and layout tasks are completed worldwide. Through Topcon’s leadership and experience in optical instrumentation that spans more than 70 years, we have the know-how to design and build the very best robotics systems available. Topcon is now on its 8th generation of robotic instrument technology.

With a modern, cable-free design, the QS Series offers the most advanced robotic technology available. The QS Series Robotic System features sophisticated technology unique to Topcon. Our one-touch Quick Lock feature that set the standard in robotic target acquisition has taken another step forward with X-TRAC 8, a superior technology solution for strong tracking and quick re-acquisition in challenging environments.

Available in 1, 3, and 5 second angle accuracies, you can select the instrument that best fits your requirements. All QS Series Robotic Systems offer reflectorless measurement superior to any other instrument available – capable of precision measurements at a mind-boggling 6,500 ft. (2,000m)!

Topcon’s new QS Series Robotic Systems: Superior Technology – Superior Design – Superior Performance and Value only from Topcon, the World Leader in Precision Measurement Technology.


Features Include:

  • Advanced X-TRAC 8 Tracking Technology
  • One touch robotic setup
  • Unmatched long range reflectorless EDM technology
  • New Quick Lock RC-4 System with integrated robotic radio communication
  • Full-color, graphical Windows® CE interface

Faster – Smarter – Farther – Stronger. The Topcon QS Series robotic total stations are the latest, most advanced systems on the market today combining modern design and advanced technology.


RC-4The new dual-laser system features:

  • Wide-area aiming for faster QuickLock
  • Integrated 2.4GHz radio simplifies communication with all Topcon field controllers
  • Extended radio range
  • Multi-channel support
Method Absolute Reading
Horizontal 2 sides
Vertical 2 sides
Minimum Reading 0.5”/1” (0.1/0.5mgon) 1” / 5” (0.2/1mgon) 1” / 5” (0.2/1mgon)
Accuracy 1” (0.3mgon) 3” (1mgon) 5” (1.5mgon)
Tilt Correction Dual Axis
Compensating Range ±6’
1 prism 9,840’ (3,000m)
3 prism 13,120’ (4,000m)
9 prism 16,400’ (5,000m)
Non-Prism Mode 4.9’ – 820’ (1.5m – 250m)
Non-Prism Long Mode 16.4’ – 6,500’ (5.0m – 2,000m)
Prism Mode Fine 0.2mm / 1mm ±(2mm+2ppmxD) m.s.e.
Coarse 1mm ±(7mm+2ppmxD) m.s.e.
Coarse 10mm ±(10mm+2ppmxD) m.s.e.
Non-Prism Mode Fine 0.2mm / 1mm ±(5mm) m.s.e.
Coarse 1mm / 10mm ±(10mm) m.s.e.
Non-Prism Long Mode Fine 1mm ±(10mm+10ppmxD) m.s.e.
Coarse 5mm ±(20mm+10ppmxD) m.s.e.
Coarse 10mm ±(100mm) m.s.e.
OS Microsoft Windows® CE.NET 4.2
Processor Intel PXA255 400MHz
Screen Full Color Touch-screen


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