Sokkia Total Station SET 05N

Finest Quality, Only From Sokkia

From fully-automated EDM trials, to 48 hours of non-stop extreme environment conditioning testing, Sokkia Total Station demonstrated its durability and operational superiority, highlighting SET Series commitment to constantly improve.

The Sokkia Total Station SET-05N is ideally suited for all jobs requiring the accuracy and versatility of a high-quality total station. Its ease of use makes it ideal for construction jobs like layout. It’s 2-second accuracy makes it perfect for the most demanding surveying and measuring tasks. Its low price makes it the right choice for every budget.

The Sokkia Total Station SET-05N provides an accurate, low cost measuring solution featuring:

  • 5″ angle accuracy provides 1/16th of an inch accuracy at 1,000ft.
  • Dual keyboards with and expanded numeric keypad for faster data input.
  • Accurately measure up to 2,000m with a single prism.
  • Internal data storage for up to 24,000 points.
  • Single axis compensator with ±3′ compensating range.
  • Adopted absolute encoder, which doesn’t require 0 set. Thanks to this encoder, it can realize stable measurement with less reading error.
  • IP54 environmental protection rating.
  • On-board data collection, Stakeout /Survey, Road Calculation, and many more functions.

With a full alpha-numeric keypad and onboard memory that will hold up to 24,000 points, a 9-hour Li-on battery life, and an IP54 environmental rating, the Sokkia Total Station SET 05N is a full-featured instrument designed to meet the most rugged demands.

Why work with out-dated instruments? The new Sokkia Total Station SET-05N lets you economically add the versatility and efficiency of a high-quality total station for all your layout, measuring, and surveying jobs.

Sokkia Total Station SET-05N Technical Specifications:

Model NameSokkia SET-05N
TelescopeObjective Lens Diameter45mm (EDM: 50mm)
Field of View1°30′
Resolving Power3.0″
Min. Focus Distance1.3m
Angle MeasurementAccuracy5″
Minimum Reading1″/5″ Selectable
Distance Measurement
Distance Range1 Prism2,000
3 Prisms2,700m
Accuracy±(+2mm + 2ppm x D**)m.s.e.
Measuring TimeFine Measurement Mode1.2 sec.(Intial 4 sec.)
Coarse Measurement Mode0.7 sec.
Tracking Measurement Mode0.4 sec.
Atmospheric Correction RangeYes
Prism Constant Correction RangeYes
Software & Memory
On-Board Software FunctionsData Collection, Resection, Road, Stakeout, Area Calculation, Height Measurement, etc.
Internal Memory24,000 points
InterfaceRS-232C (Standard)
DisplayDisplay UnitGraphics LCD, 2 Sides
Keyboard24-Alpha-Numeric Key
Tilt Correction (Automatic Index)
Tilt SensorYes
Correction MethodLiquid Type
Compensating Range± 3′
Level Senstivity
Plate Level30″/2mm
Circular Level10′/2mm
Optical Plummet Telescope
Focusing Range0.5 to infinity
Field of View3° and above
Protection against water and dust***IP 54 (IEC 60529)
Operating Temperature-20°C~+50°C (-4°F~+122°F)
Dimension336 (H) x 184 (W) x 172 (L)mm
Weight (with Battery)4.9Kg
On Board BatteryBT-G1
Battery ChargerBC-G1C
Maximum Operating Time
Including Distance Measurement9 Hours
Charging Time1.8 Hours (+10 to 40°C)
Output VoltageAC 220V

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