Setl Digital Theodolite SDJ-02/05

Setl Digital Theodolite having 2″, 5″ Angle Accuracy, 30x Telescope, Clear Objective aperture 45mm with one year warranty.

 Technical Specification:

Technical-Parameter SDJ-02 SDJ-05
Magnification 30x
Clear Objective aperture 45mm
Angle of field of view 1°30′
Shortest stadia 1.35m
Stadia multiplying constant 100
Stadia additive constant 0
Resolving power 3″
MEASURING ANGLE SYSTEM Method of measuring angle Incremental mode readings of photoelectricity
Minimum reading 1″, 5″
Method of detecting H:Two side   V:One side
Accuracy of measuring angle 2″ 5″
Angle unit DEG  MIL GON
Display two faced LCD
COMPENSATOR Tilt sensor plumb compensation automatically
Range of compensator ±3′
PLUMMET Optical Image Erect
Magnification 3x
Angle of field of view
Focusing range 0.5m~8
Bubble Accuracy of plate bubble 30″/2mm
Accuracy of circular bubble 8′/2mm
Working environment temperature -20oC+50oC
Power Supply Battery Dry battery or  charged nickel-hydrogen battery
Power Voltage 4.8V
Continuous operating time 36h
Weight of theodolie 4.6kg
Dimensions 164 x 154 x 340mm


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