Pentax Auto Level

Pentax AL Series Levels are Robust Precision instruments,
in surveying and construction.

For Use under the Harshest Conditions
The instrument is waterproof: protection class IPX6.
A gas-filled objective lens compartment prevents moisture condensation on the lenses.
This newly-developed automatic compensator is wire suspended and magnetically damped.

High Performance for a Wide Range of Applications
The AL-series automatic levels are accurate and easy to use. They feature improved performance and are compact and light.

Short focus distance
The AL-240 and AL-270 provide an extremely short focus distance of 12inch (30cm), allowing usage in confined space.

Quality ‘Designed by Pentax’
* Superior optics in terms of sharpness, contrast and range.
* High Resolution Telescope: bright images and high resolving power enable clear targetting.
* Compact, Watertight IPX6 and Robust (only high-grade materials are used).

Standard configuration
* Instrument
* Objective cap
* Plumb bob
* Hexagonal wrench
* Lens brush
* Rain cover
* Instruction manual
* Carrying case

Simple, accurate, optimal for use in:
* General Building & Construction
* Civil Engineering
* Landscaping
* Agricultural Engineering


Technical Specifiacation

Magnification 24 x
Effective Aperture 36 mm
Field of view at 100m 1º 20′
Minimum focus 0.30 m
Case weight 1.50 kg
Circle diameter 96 mm
Circle graduation 1º (360º)
Compensation range +/-12
Image Erect
Optional accessories SBL-2 diagonal eyepiece, EP reticule illumination device
Resolving Power 3.5 “
Setting accuracy ± 0.5 “
Stadia constant 0
Stadia ratio 1:100
Standard accessories case, lens cap,
plumb bob, tool kit, raincover, manual
Standard deviation ± 2 mm










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