Leica FlexLine TS06plus Total Station Features:-

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The Leica Flexline TS06plus Total Station delivers measurements which are extremely precise from a selection of Electronic Distance Measurements (EDM) options. Specifically designed for applications of medium accuracy it comes with easy setup with a laser plummet and guided process at start-up. The ergonomic key layout and large display provides error-free data input and makes operation simple.

Features of the Leica Flexline TS06plus Total Station include a built-in easy to use alpha numerical keyboard for fast entry of numbers, special characters and numbers. This not only increases speed and productivity but also minimises errors.

The Flexline TS06 Communication Side Cover allows for connections to any data collector via a cable free Bluetooth connection. It is ideally used with Leica Viva CS10 or Leica CS15 using SmartWorks software. The USB functionality gives transfer flexibility of data files including GSI, ASCII, DXF, CSV and more. The Flexline TS06 also has a large internal memory and can store up to 100000 fix points and 60000 measurements.

This Total Station uses Lithium-Ion batteries for long life, fast charging and an operation time of 30 hrs. The Flexline weighs 5.1kg including the GEB211 battery and tribrach. It’s container is light, tough and keeps the instrument with all the accessories dust and waterproof.

The Leica Flexline TS06 comes with Leica Geosystems mySecurity which locks the instrument and disables it so it can no longer be used should it be stolen.

The Leica FlexLine TS06plus represents today’s most used type of manual total station in the mid-range market. It provides a wide range of standard features making operation simple.

Quality, precision & reliability
FlexLine plus total stations are built to the highest Swiss Technology quality standards. Users benefit from high precision and reliable instruments in order to fulfil their tasks with the requested accuracy.

Best-in-class EDM technology
With PinPoint Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM), TS06plus delivers the optimal balance in:

  • Range
  • Accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Beam visibility
  • Laser dot size
  • Measurement time

With a wide variety of EDM options, the TS06plus delivers measurements which are extremely precise.

Intuitive onboard software
The TS06plus is delivered with the intuitive onboard software, Leica FlexField plus. Guided workflows and easy to understand graphics and icons ensure a low learning curve when working in the field. Graphics and icons make the interpretation of measurement values or text no longer necessary, guaranteeing faster and simple operation when you need it.

Flexible data exchange
The TS06plus is equipped with a communication side cover where data can be easily transferred using a USB stick. Built-in wireless Bluetooth for cable-free connection allows connections to any data collector.

Best-in-class service & support
FlexLine plus manual total stations are supported by superior after sales service and support. With the Active Customer Care program and myWorld customer portal, users have access to latest software updates, service and support as well as the mySecurity theft protection system. With mySecurity activitated, the locking mechanism ensures the device is disabled and can no longer be used.

Efficient tunnel surveying
Leica Geosystems now offers a powerful Tunnel Application for its FlexLine manual total station series. With a wide range of functions that cover design, execution process, and compute cut and fill areas, the app now enables you to have full control in tunnels, caverns and infrastructure galleries.

Leica FlexLine TS06plus specifications
Measurement – Angle
Method Absolute, diametrical, continuous
Resolution Display 0.1″
Compensation Quadruple Axis
Accuracy – Compensator Setting 0.5″ / 0.5″ / 1″ / 1.5″ / 2″
Distance Measurement using Reflector
Range – Round prism 3500 metres
Range – Reflective tape > 500 metres
> 1000 metres
Range – Prism-Long > 10000 metres
Measurement Time (typical) 1second
Distance Measurement no using Reflector
Range – PinPoint R500 / R1000 > 500metres / > 1000metres
Accuracy 2mm + 2ppm
Laser dot size At 30metres, approximatley 7 x 10millimetres
Data Communication / Storage
Built in memory 100000 fixpoints,
60000 measurements
Interfaces USB Type A & mini B
Bluetooth 150metres
Guide Light
Range Working 5metres to 150metres
Accuracy Positioning 5centimetres at 100metres
Magnification 30x
Resolving power 3″
Field of View 1° 30″
2.7metres at 100metres
Focusing range 1.7metres to infinity
Reticle Illuminated display and 5 levesl of brightness
Keyboard & Display
Display and Keyboard Full Alpha-numeric with hi-res B&W, Graphics, 160 x 288 pixels, Illuminated display and 5 levesl of brightness
Type Laser point 5 levels of brightness
Centering accuracy 1.5 mm at 1.5metres
Type Lithium-Ion
Operating time Approximatley 30 hrs
Total station 5.1 kg
Operating Temperatue –20° C to +50° C
Arctic Type – 35°C to 50°C
Water / Dust IP55 Rating
  • TS06 plus Total Station
  • GDF111-1 Tribrach
  • GEB211 Battery (x2)
  • GKL211 Charger
  • GEV189 Data-Transfer-Cable
  • GMP111-0 1 Miniprism Set
  • User Manual
  • Carry Case
  • Calibration Certificate – 1 Year
  • 1yr Warranty and Basic Customer Care Package

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