GeoMax ZT20 / ZT20R Total Station

GeoMax ZT20 series of projects total station (ZT20/ZT20R) is a mid-latitude total station launched a new project. Is designed for the global market in latitude closer to the mass measurement of the total station. ZT20 Series Total Station consistent with mid-latitude high-quality, high-precision technology features, with a new body structure, new imports and non-prism EDM software, lower prices, more suitable for the majority of engineering users.

Using WinCE platform
GeoMax Total Station ZT20 Series using stable and convenient custom WinCE operating system, so that the instrument has a smoother operation, more stable performance. With a large bright LCD screen, numbers, letters, arrow keys readily available. Graphical display prompts, feature-rich software.

Unique laser plummet
in the latitude of the unique laser devices to ensure the accuracy and reliable, never need adjustment, adjustable brightness. In dark conditions, more obvious advantages.

Liquid optical axis compensator
Mid-latitude new liquid compensator to meet the engineering user needs and accurate completion of the whole direction of the compensation work. Placed in the center of the instrument’s liquid compensator, Anping a true reflection of the actual state of the instrument.

Built-in temperature sensor
In the weft ZT20 series of projects total station built multiple temperature sensors, temperature of the instrument in real-time access to information, enabling real-time temperature correction. Mid-latitude ZT20 series of projects total station. After repeated testing in different temperature ranges, and accumulated a large number of effective temperature correction value, to ensure the accuracy of the instrument has a temperature correction, ensures the quality of measurement results.

The new EDM carrier phase ranging technology
In the new latitude to further reduce the EDM EDM need to adjust the content, while maintaining the original phase-ranging law principles to enhance the distance speed. Measurement speed to meet the engineering needs of the user, effective user support projects to improve efficiency.

Hexagon Group, a new design
In the new shaft latitude ZT20 is the integration of Hexagon Group’s internal resources, as ZT20 series total station to create a new project shaft. And through the perspective of the Swiss high-precision tests of TPM, to meet the 2 “instrument precision, stable and reliable.

High-energy lithium batteries
with large capacity lithium battery, working time up to 10 hours, a strong measure of support from industry operations. Low memory effect, so that the battery is more stable and durable.

The best allocation of project total station
angle measurement accuracy 2 “, single Prism 3000m, 250m non-prism distance.

Machine by EMC, ESD testing
is more conducive to supporting the user in a complex electromagnetic environment under normal operating.

Leading international absolute encoder technology
consistently excellent angular accuracy.

GeoMax ZT20 Series Total Station Technical Specs:

GeoMax ZT20 5”, 2” Distance measurement on reflector
GeoMax ZT20R 5”, 2” Distance measurement on reflector & 250 m reflectorless
Model  ZT20
 Aperture  40mm
 Magnification  30x
 Field  1 ° 30”(26m/1km)
 Minimum sight distance  1.7m
 Measurement range
 Single prism  3000m
 Accuracy  2mm +2 ppm (with prism)
 Angle measurement
 Angle measuring principle  Absolute encoder
 Show  1”/ 5”/ 10”
 Accuracy  2”/ 5″
 Compensation Principle  Optical axis of liquid
 Scope of work  ± 3 ‘
 Spirit level
 Tubular spirit level  30”/ 2mm
 Round blisters  8 ‘/ 2mm
 On the device                                                      
 Mode  Point of the laser under
 Operating Temperature  -20 ℃ ~ +5 0 ℃
 Dustproof and waterproof  IP54
 Power supply
 Battery Type  High-energy lithium battery
 Operating time  10 hours (continuous measurement)
 USB  Support
 System of work
 Type  WinCE6.0

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