We are actively engaged in providing high quality Dumpy Level (DLI-12). Our Dumpy Level (DLI-12) is the outcome of the sophisticated technology used in its production and testing. The Dumpy Level (DLI-12) promises excellent strength and high durability which has led to its high demand in the market. With its reliable performance, our Dumpy Level (DLI-12) is totally worth the investment.

‘SNS’ Superior Quality Quick Set Dumpy Level “ERECT IMAGE” (As per I.S.I. Specification No. 9613-1986)
Size 300mm (12”), Internal focusing, Erect-Image. The stadia diaphargm is provided with two vertical lines to make the staff straight and accurately divided into 1:100. fitted with Compass having floating ring to read 30 min. with sliding prism, fitted with 45 sec. Accuracy bubble on the top of the telescope and sensitive cross bubble is fitted for quick setting the instrument. The instrument is made of Complete Brass and Gunmetal. The eye piece is of a helical focusing type and is very convenient for the instrument in focusing the diaphragm and is free from backlash. Supplied along with all standard accessories in a highly polished wooden box. Supplied with Aluminum (Metallic) Telescopic Tripod Stand.

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